Career Areas


Field services opportunities with Cameron

Driven by integrity, responsibility and excellence, as a member of our Field Services team, you’ll be part of a highly trained team whose expertise and innovation provide customers with the ability to optimize their assets. Covering every operational aspect from discovery to decommissioning, you could find yourself impacting installation, commissioning and workover, or even real-time operational and technical support for fields around the world. Here, you’ll always know that as you work to drive growth for our customers, we’ll be working tirelessly to do the same for you and your career.

Technical Product Support, Asset Management, Field Services


Engineering opportunities with Cameron

With us, your expertise in designing, developing, and manufacturing a new generation of technology and products transform the way our customers deliver the world’s energy needs.

We want you to achieve more – more growth, success, reward, and gratification. This means providing you the necessary tools to master those skills needed to advance along our Engineering Technical Career Ladder (ETCL), a development plan designed to provide contributors with a career path that offers reward and influence paralleling an equivalent management progression. Professional development opportunities such as our knowledge sharing initiatives and Path Competency Management System give you the control to progress at an accelerated pace and ensure skill set transparency. At Cameron, expectations are clearly defined and success is in your own hands.

Manufacturing Engineers, R&D Engineers, Field Engineers, Design Engineers, Metallurgists


Plant operations opportunities with Cameron

A career with our manufacturing team is an opportunity to work with the industry’s most innovative and advanced talent, and become the backbone of our daily operations around the world. You’ll be part of a team where your expertise and collaboration will work to strengthen our ability to deliver industry-leading products safely, effectively and on time.

Operations Management, Plant Management, Supply Chain, Materials Management, Test and Assembly



Operating with the goal of being “best in class” in subsea project planning and execution, joining our Project Management area means you’ll solve some of the world’s most complex subsea challenges. Working collaboratively with teams across the company, you’ll coordinate, integrate and lead with a level of excellence that ensures seamless execution of projects and initiatives on a global scale.

Project Management, Scheduling, Cost and Document Controls



You’ve honed your skills and become an expert at your trade. Now, join us and discover a world-class organization focused on the resources you need to continue developing your expertise. Becoming a member of our team places you in an unparalleled environment of collaboration, trust and safety that only a global leader can offer. You’ll work on some of the industry’s most complex and exciting projects with peers who genuinely want you to succeed and will give you the support to do so.

Welders, Machinists, Mechanics, Electricians



More than sales and promotion, becoming a member of our sales and marketing team means you help solve our customers’ most complex challenges with never-before-seen solutions. You’ll be the face of our organization to our clients throughout the globe, delivering more innovative products and services than you ever thought possible.

Sales, Proposal Management, Business Development



Innovation is a core value of ours and joining our technology team means you are helping stay on the leading edge of our market by fostering new approaches and designs to our comprehensive line of products and applications. Working together, our marketing team provides the information and tools which showcase our solutions.

Product Technology, Marketing, Intellectual Property Management



As a member of our finance team, your work will support operations across the company and create opportunities for our teams to revolutionize the subsea industry. You’ll have the opportunity to work across all disciplines and gain valuable financial experience in plant manufacturing, project management and aftermarket services.

Accounting, Project Finance and Project Integrity and Risk

Human Resources
Our greatest competitive advantage is our talented employees. As a member of our Human Resources team, you will ensure their continued success through your ability to design and execute career development initiatives and programs. With an integral role in bringing together our goals and our values, you will build the talent that will build this company.

Business Partner/Generalist, Talent Management, Learning and Development

Administrative professionals keep all of our global operating divisions running smoothly. As you support every facet and level of our operations, you’ll have the support of a culture and value system that empowers you and your ability to help us become more than we ever thought possible.

Project Coordination and Office Administration

  • Nicole

    Nicole, Senior Manager of Project Execution

    “When you have a chance to interact with employees who have worked at Cameron for 10, 20, 30 years, you see a great deal of gratitude for what Cameron has done for them, their careers, and – in a lot of cases – their families.”
  • Badri

    Badri, Director of Program and Process Management

    “If someone’s really looking for a career where they want to do different things and they’re open to change and challenges, Cameron’s the place. Cameron believes in a borderless career.”
  • Amy

    Amy, Director of Program and Process Management

    “I like the fact that we have great, ethical leaders. Our business leaders are very smart. We are an excellent community mentor as well, wherever we are.”
  • Mark

    Mark, Principal Senior Engineer

    “For such a large company, it’s surprising how extremely approachable and engaged Cameron’s leadership is. What’s even more surprising is how many of our leaders rose from humble beginnings within our own ranks.”
  • andrea

    Andrea, Principal Engineer

    "What I love about my job is working on new technology development. Some of the work we do is groundbreaking and I truly feel that I am shaping the company’s future. I feel very lucky to be a part of a company that values technology and innovation."
  • Rolf, Technology Manager

    "I've always been very interested in technology and my role at OneSubsea provides me with the opportunity to be innovative."
  • Mark, Operations Manager

    "Working for OneSubsea, you develop pride in your work. Watching the project from the hole drilled in the seabed, then the equipment is installed and then you learn that first oil has been produced from that well, you get a bit of a buzz from that! You know you have accomplished something."
  • Michael, Vice President, Marketing

    “We're a trusted customer partner with rich experience and a respected legacy in the business.”
  • Nicole
  • Badri
  • Amy
  • Mark
  • andrea