Recruitment Scam Warning


We have been made aware of individuals and organizations falsely pretending to recruit on behalf of or to be affiliated with Schlumberger, Cameron, or OneSubsea. In most cases, an e-email is sent offering employment with Schlumberger, Cameron, or OneSubsea.

These e-mails often look legitimate and will include details of the employment, including an offer, a job description, salary and benefits. They usually solicit the transfer of significant sums of money to pay for processing the documents.

These communications are fraudulent and do not originate from Schlumberger, Cameron, or OneSubsea, nor are they associated with our recruitment process. We never ask for any money or payment from applicants, at any point in the recruitment process.

All individuals who are offered employment with Schlumberger, Cameron, or OneSubsea are always required to go through a formal recruitment process, which includes an in-person interview. The location of the interview is always provided to candidates either by phone, or e-mail from a verifiable Schlumberger, Cameron, or OneSubsea e-mail account ( (,,,, or .

We do sometimes engage a third party to help support recruiting efforts, including BrassRing as well as posts on reputable job boards and websites and contracts with known recruiters. Any official recruiting communications will be sent from one of these companies, or from Cameron itself, using emails that reflect the Schlumberger official corporate domain (as listed in previous paragraph).

Warning signs that may indicate fraud

There are a number of signs you need to watch out for that may indicate fraudulent recruitment activity. These often include the following:  

  • The use of English is poor;
  • Applicants are required to pay a sum of money;
  • Unrealistic compensation and benefits packages;
  • Requesting personal information such as passport and bank account details at an early stage of the process;
  • Insisting on urgency.  

If you believe that you have received a fraudulent employment communication, please contact your local law enforcement authorities and provide them with all information you may have (email addresses, phone/fax details, etc., copies of emails/letters, etc.). If you are in the United States, you may also file a complaint with the Internet Crime Complaint Center by following this link.