University Recruiting

We give every team member the ability to achieve more. More growth. More success. More reward and gratification. The world relies on our expertise, so we want every team member to achieve a level of accomplishment that is beyond what they thought possible. That means ensuring that you develop the skills and expertise to meet our industry’s bigger challenges. To be considered for any of our development programs, visit us on campus at your university’s career fair and apply online. You can stay up-to-date with our on-campus recruiting events and other news by following us on Facebook, LinkedIn,Twitter, and OilPro.


Manufacturing Operations Development Programs

Our Manufacturing Operations Development Programs provide a combination of manufacturing exposure, Six Sigma training and leadership development that is far beyond most traditional development programs for new college hires. This is an immersive two-year program that provides an opportunity for you to hold positions across two different divisions and four functional areas. Rotation assignments may include Materials Management, Quality Assurance, Plant Supervision, Project Management and Health, Safety and Environment (HSE). The experience you gain from these rotations will prepare you for real-world challenges as you progress in your operations career with us. Graduates from these programs typically take full-time roles in manufacturing engineering, materials management, Lean Six Sigma, and quality assurance.


  • Global Rotational Development Program - Operations (GRDP Operations)

Design Engineering Development Programs

The Engineering Training Programs provide you with the opportunity to gain extensive product design experience through structured 18-24 month programs. Roles assigned through these programs may be in Design, Aftermarket, Manufacturing or Quality Engineering as well as Proposals or Technical Support. After successful completion of a Design Engineering Program, graduates move into full-time design engineering positions utilizing their individual strengths and backgrounds. Full-time assignments are based on the demonstrated abilities of each graduate to assume greater responsibility as well as division resource requirements. Graduates from these programs typically take full-time roles in design engineering, aftermarket engineering, applications engineering, project engineering and quality engineering.


  • Cameron and OneSubsea Engineering Training Program (OETP)
  • Surface Technical Development Training Program (STDP)
  • Engineered and Process Valves Training Program (EPV)

Sales Development Programs

The Training Development Programs offer participants the opportunity to fully understand the breadth of our operations, products and technical solutions to serve our customers. These 2-4 year programs will give you experience across multiple areas of our operations. Assignments in a sales development program may include time in production environments, field work or sales support roles. The programs are focused on the growth and development of recent college graduates, building on existing skills and providing the competencies and experience needed to be successful in a sales career with us. Graduates from these programs typically take full-time roles in account management, district management, health and safety management, shop and service management, applications and project coordination.


  • Surface Sales Management Training Program (SMTP)
  • Engineered & Process Valves Training Program (EPV)

Project Management Development Programs

Project Management Development Programs provide the opportunity for participants to learn, grow and develop the necessary skills to have a successful career in project management. Programs are structured over a two year period and provide participants with on-the-job experience across a combination of manufacturing and project execution rotations. Upon completion of a Project Management Program, you’ll have the expertise and confidence to advance your career in project management with us. Graduates from these programs typically fill full-time roles in project management, document control management, Lean Six Sigma, operations and risk analysis.


  • Cameron and OneSubsea Project Management Training Program (PMTP)
  • Engineered and Process Valves (EPV) Training Program

Business Development Programs

Our Business Development Programs are designed to give highly motivated graduates the opportunity to gain valuable skills and knowledge to become an experienced professional within one of our critical business support functions. Programs are structured over a two year period and will consist of four six-month rotations with exposure to at least two separate businesses. These programs are a rare opportunity to quickly gain the experience needed to succeed in critical roles across our organization. For Finance program graduates, full-time roles after the program can include, but are not limited to, treasury, tax, SOX compliance, project accounting, financial planning and analysis, and budgets and forecasting. For IT program graduates, roles after graduation may include but are not limited to systems administration, web development, project management and business process analysis.


  • Global Rotational Development Program – Finance (GRDP Finance)


Our internships offer you an opportunity to experience the challenges and excitement of working within our company, and will show you how our culture and values define who we are and how we operate.

Internship program qualifications:

  • All applicants must be pursuing the appropriate degree and major
  • A full-time student enrolled in a four-year college or university
  • A minimum of a 3.0 out of 4.0 overall grade point average
  • Authorized to work in your country full-time without restriction during the internship

Cameron Capstone Program

Our Capstone Program is an extension of our long-standing participation in senior design projects with universities around the world. It is an exciting opportunity that exposes students to very real and challenging problems that require them to draw skills from across multiple disciplines. In turn, we are able to engage with talented students that bring fresh and innovative perspectives from outside our organization. For many students, this serves as a catalyst for focusing their studies into areas related to the gas and oil industry, as well as leading into a career at one of our facilities around the world.

  • Liz

    Liz, Cameron - Manufacturing Engineering (GRDP)

    “It’s amazing that Cameron really focuses on employees for the long term and encouraging growth as a person, an employee, a manager, whatever it may be.”
  • Pablo

    Pablo, Cameron - Manufacturing Engineering (GRDP)

    “The GRDP is a great opportunity to learn about the company, its divisions and products, its business style and its culture while making valuable contributions. The program provides the opportunity to discover what you would like the most at Cameron and what your passion is.”
  • Amnah

    Amnah, OneSubsea - Design Engineering (OETP OneSubsea Engineering Training Program)

    “OneSubsea is very different from others in the industry where it allows new engineers the chance to travel both domestically and internationally. I was able to travel to Leeds, England, Aberdeen, Scotland and Berwick, Louisiana, and that is not something new engineers usually have the opportunity to do when they first begin their career.”
  • Amer, OneSubsea - Manufacturing Engineering (GRDP)

    "The responsibility and trust that the company puts in me motivates me to excel and provide the level of quality that the company expects."
  • Fredrik, OneSubsea - Manufacturing Engineering (GRDP)

    "I can work on projects from the seminal stages through completion. I get a deep sense of ownership in my projects and take pride in my work."
  • Jordan, Cameron - Design Engineering (Technical Development Program)

    “The Technical Development Program provides a great opportunity to explore the different technical departments within Cameron. This makes for a great program for people new to the industry trying to figure out what they want to specialize in.”
  • Adam

    Adam, Cameron - Sales & Marketing (SMTP - Sales & Marketing Training Program)

    “The Sales and Marketing Training Program is great because it has given me the opportunity to learn and grow my career at a very fast pace. The in-depth product training, the hands-on experience, and the high level of support are second to none—all three of these things have combined to provide me with invaluable industry experience.”
  • Liz
  • Pablo
  • Amnah
  • Adam