Choosing the right Coriolis flow meter matters

CamCor Coriolis Flow Meters

Cameron now offers a reliable, accurate Coriolis flow meter solution.

In the world of custody transfer and oil and gas production, reliability and accuracy are undeniably important. Even the smallest disruption can have big financial consequences.

When liquid or gas enters a Coriolis meter, the flow is directed through two sensor tubes that are forced by a driver to vibrate. Electromagnetic sensors positioned next to the tubes – one upstream and one downstream – pick up the vibration, each creating a sine wave signal proportional to the vibration. When there is no flow, the signals from both sensors are in phase with each other.

However, when a liquid or gas flows through the meter, the Coriolis effect causes the upstream and downstream sections of the sensor tubes to slightly twist in opposition to each other. The twisting motion results in a time differential between signals from the two sensors. This phase shift is directly proportional to mass flow rate. Here, a Coriolis flow meter is an ideal solution.

The Right Fit For You

There are five key areas in the oil and gas market and industrial processes that are ideally suited for the application of Cameron's new CamCor™ Coriolis flow meter technology:

  • Near the wellhead on separator outlets
  • At custody-transfer points for crude oil
  • For refined products and specialty gases
  • In ultra-low flow applications
  • With high-viscosity fluids such as crude oil and adhesives

In any of these situations, our CamCor Coriolis flow meters offer the reliability, repeatability, and high-accuracy measurement performance needed for your valuable processes. With a 70-year history of delivering field-proven, flow measurement technologies, you can be confident you'll receive precise results with Cameron's first-in-class flow meters.

In addition, you benefit from a strategically positioned global network of well-trained, well-equipped personnel to service your flow meter safely and cost-effectively for an unmatched customer experience.

CamCor CT Series

Cameron's premier Coriolis flow meter, the CamCor CT Series. is designed for custody-transfer applications. This model offers an accuracy of +/- 0.1% of flow rate for liquids over a wide flow range turndown, as a result of its deep U-shaped dual sensors and zero-stability performance. The CT Series includes models specifically developed for application extremes, covering temperatures from -328° F (-200° C) for cryogenic/LNG purposes, to 662° F (350° C).

Nominal sensor sizes range from less than 1 mm to 250 mm, with 1/4" to 10" end connections. These are offered in ANSI Classes 150 to 900 and can include other flange types such as threaded or tri-clover. The unit is manufactured in 316L stainless steel and alloy C22.

CamCor PRO Series

The CamCor PRO Series flow meter is ideal for process applications. It features a f low rate turndown of 50:1 and an accuracy of +/- 0.2% of flow rate, as well as a density accuracy of +/- 0.003 g/ml. This model comes with the same transmitter, inputs/outputs, communications, diagnostics, and ease of communication as the CamCor CT Series, and also is available in five nominal sensor sizes, from 6 mm to 50 mm, with 1/2" to 2" end connections in ANSI flanges, threads, and tri-clover.

Our new high-performance technology has been field-proven and includes both CSA and ATEX/IECEx hazardous area certifications.

Optimizing Operational Uptime

When Cameron added the new line of CamCor Coriolis flow meters, we not only focused on delivering high-accuracy measurement performance for customers, but we also went a step further to identify critical pipeline flow issues to help avoid unplanned shutdowns. Our CamCor flow meters achieve this by providing unique diagnostics for monitoring flow density and temperatures, along with an easy-to-understand error messaging capability on the LCD display. This helps prevent unplanned downtime and optimizes operational uptime.

In addition, our CamCor Coriolis flow meters have significant operational effectiveness, both through the ability to monitor critical diagnostic variables and by running utilities that identify any disruptive pipeline vibration or media pulsation. Special algorithms enable flow measurement performance to be expressed across four levels, from "best" to "bad", providing instantaneous feedback to operators.

All of this information is made available through a large, smart transmitter display that uses a mix of LEDs, background colors, and messages in plain English in order to direct operators to the specific area of interest. This could include a saturated output where flow rates exceed anticipated parameters, a slug flow alarm (entrained gas fault ), or another system error.

The flow meters also include multiple pulse and analog outputs that come as standard and can be scaled independently and wired to other devices (e.g., flow computers or sampling systems). They also can communicate via HART and, if desired, Modbus.

Along with high-accuracy measurement performance and optimized operational uptime, Cameron's CamCor Coriolis flow meters come with long-term cost benefits based on their reliability and robustness, which is inherent in Cameron's engineering and design. In other words, there is minimal maintenance over a CamCor flow meter's lifetime.

Modbus, HART, and Hastelloy are registered trademarks of Mod bus Organization, Inc., FieldComm Group, and Haynes International, Inc., respectively.