Enabling Technologies

Technology is the foundation of what we do at Cameron and how our equipment performs. Enabling technologies, such as welding, sealing, elastomers, and membranes, are applied across our entire offering through core competencies and expertise in the fundamentals of science, engineering, and design. We leverage our organization and experiences—and those across all Schlumberger—to advance these enabling technologies, which are key to innovation and meeting the challenges of the industry.


Sealing Technology
Sealing Technology Sealing technology is at the core of all pressure and flow control operations and vital to the integrity and functionality of onshore, offshore, and subsea equipment.  
Shape Memory Alloy Technology- Couplings Application
Shape Memory Alloy Technology

Cameron has applied shape memory alloy (SMA) technology as a coupling for hydraulic control systems, thus eliminating the need to weld joints for metallic small-bore piping and tubing in these systems.