OSHA Awards Technology Center Top HSE Honors

OSHA Has Awarded Cameron's Houston Technology Center Its Highest Honor - The Star Voluntary Protection Program Award

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) Star certification is designed for exemplary worksites with comprehensive, successful safety and health management systems. According to OSHA, the average VPP site has a work-related injury rate at 52% below the national average for their respective industries.

OSHA VPP Program Logo“OSHAs Star Award is a prestigious and highly coveted designation representing safety excellence,” said Cameron HSE manager Garnett Cleveland. “Safety programs and performance must be exemplary and exhibit consistent achievement above and beyond minimum government requirements in order to qualify. Of all businesses in every industry across the country, less than 1% is awarded Star status,” he added.

The application process for the VPP Star Program usually takes between one and three years, starting with initially contacting OSHA to the final audit exit interview. Cameron's Houston Technology Center team completed the process in less than one year due to support from our corporate HSE program and the comprehensive safety database.

Benefits from obtaining a VPP Star classification include:

  • Three-year removal of the Technology Center from the OSHA potential audit list
  • Assistance with maintaining a lower experience modifier rate (EMR), which affects insurance costs 
  • Ability to conduct onsite work with certain clients
In addition, the award also is recognized by many oil industry leaders as a desirable quality in choosing the best partners or contractors with which to do business.

Another significant benefit is the ability to have a qualified Cameron employee receive a special government employee (SGE) certification. An SGE can be certified only if the employee works at a Star site that is in good standing with the OSHA VPP program. SGEs are required to assist OSHA on a minimum of three audits performed at different companies in various industries other than oil and gas over a three-year period. Acting as a certified auditor in these situations allows for the sharing of best practices gained from other businesses that exemplify excellence in safety, ultimately contributing to Cameron’s continuous improvement efforts.

Star is the highest honor available to the private sector for recognition of safety performance excellence. With Cameron’s successful HSE programs, and the continuous efforts of every employee pursuing safety perfection, the goal of safety excellence is the standard that all Cameron facilities can achieve.