Scaling Up for Ultra-High Temperature 

As the industry grapples to define requirements for operating in 20,000 psi and 350o Fahrenheit conditions, Cameron has already delivered what it calls ultra-HPHT technology.

Story by Jennifer Pallanich, Upstream Technology 01|2015

A client using 15,000 psi equipment had a well off Louisiana that it thought might exceed 20,000 psi. It tasked Cameron with providing a 25,000 psi wellhead, production tree and blowout preventer, preferably in less than 18 months. That kind of engineering effort typically takes two or three years.

“We took a look at the existing 15,000 and 20,000 psi BOP equipment and beefed it up a bit to make it sufficiently strong to carry the loads we were looking at with 25,000 psi,” says Cameron engineer Charles Gibbs. “From 15 to 20 is no big deal, and 20 to 25 is no big deal. But the increments add up. ”Cameron started what it refers to as an ultra-high pressure, high-temperature (U-HPHT) initiative about a decade ago. “We thought, if we develop a new wellhead and tree system, what are the other gaps?” Kirk Guidry, Vice President of Engineering, says. “We did some homework up front, and then we jumped into designs.

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