Optimize Life-of-Field Operability

Whether a new greenfield or mature brownfield, OneSubsea provides services to ensure that the equipment is operating at peak performance and that potential risks are identified and minimized.

Through our FRIEND Remote Surveillance and Diagnostic System we provide 24/7 real-time condition monitoring, providing valuable diagnostic information to clients on the operational performance of their subsea hardware. With nearly a decade of proven experience, the FRIEND system enables proactive support, extending equipment life and reducing operational costs.

To mitigate the risk of hydrate formation, OneSubsea offers an intelligent Hydrate Management System, a solution that cost-effectively inhibits hydrate formation by accurately regulating monoethylene glycol (MEG) dosage.

Should intervention be required on a subsea field, OneSubsea offers a suite of intervention services, including the MARS Multiple Application Reinjection System. The patented MARS system provides flexibility and choice for production optimization in new and existing fields by enabling low-cost, low-risk intervention. As part of the Subsea Services Alliance with Helix Energy Solutions and Schlumberger, we are focused on increasing the operating envelope of today’s subsea intervention technology. The Subsea Services Alliance offers clients an integrated approach to achieve simpler and more cost-effective subsea intervention solutions.

To address brownfield development production challenges, our team of in-house experts works with clients to gather all historical data on their existing field performance. Reservoir models are then created and history-matched with the existing data to predict future performance. This analysis enables the client to select the most economically viable solution, whether that is extending production or abandoning the well.