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Electrohydraulic control and monitoring

The subsea control module (SCM) is the heart of the production control system. It provides electrohydraulic control and monitoring for a wide range of field equipment and functions, including tree valves and chokes, manifold valves, pressure and temperature monitoring, downhole intelligence control and monitoring, sand detection, corrosion monitoring, and multiphase flow measurements. We have delivered equipment for more than 650 subsea wells and more than 800 SCMs worldwide. Our SCM is qualified for water depths to 10,000 ft (3,000 m). 

Compact version for additional flexibility

A compact, lighter version of the EH MUX subsea production control system is available for multiple applications ranging from those requiring limited functionality to applications that require a dedicated data hub to handle communication from multiple instruments located on the seabed.  This lighter version uses the field-proven components of the standard EH MUX subsea production control system, with the beneficial difference that the compact build allows lift line or diver installation or both.


Standard version features and benefits

  • Increased reliability
  • ISO 13628-6 compliant
  • IWIS and SIIS compliant
  • Modular design
  • Copper wire or fiber-optic communication
  • Up to 32 HP or LP functions
  • AC or DC power supply

Compact version features and benefits

  • Up to 12 HP or LP functions
  • Lift line installation
  • Flexible system configuration
  • Suitable for hydraulic operation as well as data acquisition
  • Copper wire or fiber-optic communication