WellAnchor systems incorporate the industry’s most advanced subsea technology available in the areas of sealing, fatigue resistance, operational efficiency, and regulatory qualification. Available in two standardized configurations to meet a wide range of subsea drilling and production applications, WellAnchor systems offer maximum reliability, safety, and enhanced performance features.

The DW-5 and DW-5XL models both feature
  • unique parallel-bore metal-to-metal (PBM) sealing
  • bit-retrievable wear bushings to reduce downhole trips
  • 15,000-psi [103-MPa] pressure rating
  • 5,250-,000-ft.lbf [7,118,000-N.m] bending force rating
  • 10,000-ft [3,048-m] water depth rating
and the DW-5XL accommodates large bores, which is especially advantageous in presalt drilling and other deep-well applications.

Proven sealing capability

The PBM seal design develops high radial contact pressure on the seal surfaces between the casing hanger and the high-pressure wellhead housing. The WellAnchor system’s PBM seal spans parallel bores, maintaining seal band contact pressure at all times. For improved sealing reliability, the design also includes multiple metal sealing bands between the seal and hanger and between the seal and housing. Pressure from above or below the PBM seal does not affect contact pressure or seal integrity.

Resistance to increased stress cycles

The well-balanced, redesigned wellhead systems are engineered to reroute or more evenly distribute stress concentrations. WellAnchor systems incorporate a high active preload technology for the high-pressure housing to extend fatigue life caused by increased environmental loading. The systems incorporate low-alloy materials to accommodate higher temperatures and pressures and are compatible with NACE requirements for H2S and CO2.

Robust, versatile designs

Both WellAnchor systems seamlessly interface with subsea production system kits available from OneSubsea, Cameron, and Schlumberger. Our robust designs exceed API requirements.