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Cameron delivers high-performance hydraulic roughnecks including the patented JiM 20 large-tubular hydraulic roughneck, one of the most advanced hydraulic roughnecks on the market, capable of handling tubulars from 2-7/8” to 20” (73.15 mm to 508 mm). The JiM 20 hydraulic roughneck features a six-grip drive ring that transmits torque accurately onto the tool joint with a built-in pipe doper and mud bucket. The JiM 20 is fully automated and can transmit torque/turn data directly to «the beach» in real time.

JiM 10 Hydraulic Roughneck

The design of the JiM 10 hydraulic roughneck delivers a cost-effective, modern hydraulic roughneck in a compact format. Featuring an advanced control system, the JiM 10 hydraulic roughneck keeps safety in mind and is a sensible choice for today’s demanding drilling needs.

The JiM 10 hydraulic roughneck is an advanced system for make up and break out of drillpipe and drill collars, engineered for a tubular range of 3-1/2” to 10” (88.9 mm to 254 mm). The JiM 10 hydraulic roughneck features a torque wrench in an articulated arm, allowing the torque wrench and spinner assembly to travel from parked position to well center. The elevation system ensures that the JiM 10 hydraulic roughneck is capable of handling a wide range of stick ups with ease and high precision. Additionally, casing modems are available for the JiM10.

JiM 20 Hydraulic Roughneck

Cameron’s JiM 20 hydraulic roughneck embraces a complete equipment package to perform jointing operations on all tubular pipes used for drilling, casing and completing the well.

The JiM 20 hydraulic roughneck handles spinning, make up and break out of all drillpipes, drill collars, casing and tubing – from 2-3/8” (60.45 mm) drillpipe to 20” (508 mm) casings – by
changing jaw inserts. Roughneck tubing tongs and casing tongs are replaced with the JiM 20 hydraulic roughneck.


JiM 10

  • Compact design
  • Triple-grip torque wrench with integrated clamp cylinders
  • Powerful spinner (3466.54 ft-lb (4.7 kN·m)) with high-grip rollers
  • Synchronized clamps
  • Smart clamp system with adjustable clamp pressure
  • Short (T-P) or long (T-P-L) reach models available
  • High make up and breakout torque of 103,258.7 ft-lb to 147,512.43 ft-lb (140 kN·m to 200 kN·m)

JiM 20

  • Unique split driving design for continuous rotation
  • Six mechanically-synchronized dies in each jaw
  • Extreme torque capability of up to 184,390.54 ft-lb (250 kN·m)
    • Bit breaking at full torque
    • Top drive backup at full torque
  • Integrated cleaning and doping system
  • Integrated mud bucket
  • Allows for quick changes between drillpipe and casing modes (approximately 14 minutes)