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We offer a range of hydraulic and AC-driven top drive systems for demanding drilling applications, both onshore and offshore. All of our top drives come with several accessories that have been tailor-made to meet rig requirements. High quality components, modularity to reduce maintenance and down time, as well as reliable gearboxes, controls, and automation make Cameron top drives the preferred choice for any drilling crew.


  • High-capacity thrust bearing
  • Helical-cut gear teeth (carburized and grinded) increase service life and reduce noise level and maintenance
  • Gearbox lubrication ensures optimal conditions for gears and bearings under all environmental conditions
  • Self-calibrating thread compensation system uses analogue stroke sensor to optimize performance
  • Bell housings between AC motors and gearbox provide precise alignment as well as protect the flexible coupling between motor output shaft and gearbox pinion shaft
  • High-capacity knuckle link tilt system allows handling of latest model of "fail-safe" elevator — from drilling to maximum kickout mode
  • Wash pipe can be replaced within minutes
  • Rotary head with 18 ports
  • Programmable arbitrary stop positions for the pipehandler rotate function allow the driller to set a number of predefined elevator open positions
  • Customized PLC software provides easy, accurate, and natural operator controls from a single point
  • Noise reduction
  • Dual retention of all fasteners
  • Torque wrench design eliminates risk of accidental break out of drillstem subs