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The FLS-R™ gate valve is Cameron’s premier gate valve that utilizes the latest technology in component design and materials. The FLS-R has a unique ball-screw and lower balancing stem mechanism that greatly reduce the torque required for operation. Field-proven performance, combined with ease of use, makes this valve ideally suited for large-bore/high-pressure environments in production, manifold, and fracturing applications.

 Design Features and Benefits

  • Based on our proven FLS™ gate and seat design
  • Simple, reliable gate and seat design promotes ease of field service and minimal spare parts inventory
  • Annex F tested to API Temperature Class P + U (-20° F to 350° F, or -29° C to 177° C)
  • Unique ball-screw design allows for rolling friction in place of sliding friction
  • Bi-directional design provides flow direction versatility and increased service life
  • Seal diameters and bearing areas of the seats are designed to prevent trapping of pressure inside the valve cavity
  • Lower stem balances pressure thrust on upper stem to reduce operating torque, which prevents body cavity pressure buildup during operation and provides position indication
  • Metal-to-metal stem backseat on both the balancing stem and valve operator stem permits replacement of either stem seal with the valve cavity under pressure
  • The backseat can be energized to isolate the stem seal stuffing box from line pressure and the grease fitting port used to test the backseat integrity
  • Two spring-loaded, pressure-energized, non-elastomeric lip seals provide maximum protection against intrusion of particle contaminants into the valve cavity
  • Seals also improve gate and seat service life, prevent damage to the body seat seal face, and improve valve performance at very low pressures
  • Metal-to-metal sealing at the gate-to-seat and seat-to-body seals
  • Forged body


Slab-Style Gate Valve Availability

Nominal Bore Size
Working Pressure: 2000 psi (13.8 MPa) Working Pressure: 3000 psi (20.7 MPa) Working Pressure: 5000 psi (34.5 MPa) Working Pressure: 10,000 psi (69.0 MPa) Working Pressure: 15,000 psi (103.5 MPa) Working Presure: 20,000 psi (138.0 MPa) Working Pressure: 30,000 psi (a) (206.8 MPa)
- - - FLS FLS FLS/FLS-R (b) -
- - - -
- - - FLS FLS/FLS-R FLS/FLS-R (b) -
- - - -
- - FLS FLS/FLS-R (b) FLS/FLS-R (b) - -
- - FLS/FLS-R  FLS/FLS-R (b) FLS/FLS-R (b) - -
- - FLS/FLS-R (b) - - - -


FL™ and FLS gate valves may be manual or actuated unless otherwise noted.

(a) This is a working pressure not currently covered in API 6A.

(b) FLS gate valves for this size/pressure combination are power actuated.

For FL, FLS, and FLS-R gate valves, this chart represents typical valves for API material classes AA, BB, CC, DD, EE, FF, and HH (except FL); temperature ratings K, L, P, S, T, U, and V; and product specification levels 1, 2, 3, 3G, and 4. For other designs, please contact your Cameron representative.


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Product Support - North and South America

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