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As a crucial component of well control, Cameron land closing units are built to high quality standards and meet API 16D requirements. The land closing units use precharged nitrogen bladder accumulator bottles, hydraulic fluid, and electric- and air-based pumps to generate pressure to operate multiple functions on a BOP stack.

Increased versatility
Remote panels are offered in electric programmable logic control (PLC) touchscreen, electric PLC push button, or pneumatic air-based remote options.

Broad range of layout options
Cameron offers custom-engineered designs as well as industry-leading standard system designs that complement our ram-type BOPs.

Enhanced testing and serviceability
  • Field-tested components
  • Ability to meet API 16D, ATEX, and all European directives
  • US and international servicing available


  • Designed and manufactured per API 16D
  • Low-pressure alarm available
  • Triple redundancy
  • Standardized components
  • Modular design for simple configurability
  • Several available skid designs
  • High-quality PLC components that minimize the potential for compatibility issues with rig electronics by working with most PLC manufacturers' control equipment
  • Touchscreen PLC, push-button hardwire PLC, and pneumatic remote options available
  • Optional Class 1, Div 1, ATEX, and other safe-area offerings
  • Available API 16D monogram