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The Cameron Mark III MUX BOP control pod consists of three major components: the MUX section, subsea electronic module (SEM), and MOD or hydraulic section.

  • The MUX control pod uses pressure-compensated dielectric fluid-filled chambers (rather than 1-atm chambers) called solenoid valve modules to house the solenoid valve coils and pressure transducer modules to house the pressure transducers. The dielectric fluid-filled chambers provide an additional barrier to seawater. The pod layout is engineered for simplified maintenance of the solenoid valves.
  • The SEM has fewer cards and less wiring, providing increased functions in a smaller size. The electronics have been repackaged to increase efficiency of heat dissipation. The SEM uses computerized driver modules, eliminating the pie connectors seen in previous models.
  • The MOD or hydraulic section replaces hardwire push-button panels with electronic, full-color touchscreens. Multiple screens display more comprehensive information, including functions and alarms. Updated programming with enhanced graphics enables more intuitive, user-friendly visual indicators. An upgraded communication system, using Ethernet technology via fiber optics, provides more robust network management.


  • Touchscreen control panels with enhanced graphics and upgraded communication system
  • SEM has fewer cards and less wiring and uses computerized driver modules
  • Solenoids and transducers have pressure-compensated dielectric-filled chambers
  • Power and communication signal transmits to both the SEM and riser control box simultaneously and independently