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Efficient solution to challenging downhole pressure conditions

Integrated MPD riser jointMPD provides a closed-loop circulation system in which pore pressure, formation fracture pressure, and bottomhole pressure are balanced and managed at surface. Wells of all types can use MPD to enhance drilling efficiency and safety through rapid response to pressure changes.

A comprehensive suite of services is provided by M-I SWACO, a Schlumberger company; alternatively, you can rent or purchase equipment. From equipping your rig to be MPD-ready to providing services on a callout basis to complete system engineering and project management, M-I SWACO helps you deploy a circulation system that in effect provides “mud-weight-on-demand” and is most suited to your requirements—on land or offshore.

Integrated deepwater system—an industry first

Together Cameron and M-I SWACO offer the industry's only complete OEM deepwater MPD system. A key component of this system is the integrated MPD riser joint comprising the Cameron riser gas handling system and the M-I SWACO below-tension-ring rotating control device.

Integration of components ensures optimal performance and greater reliability, simplifies operations, and decreases personnel requirements and equipment footprint. It also provides you with a single point of contact and rapid response for all MPD-related matters.

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