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Introduced in 2006, the EVO Compact, Offshore Ram-Type BOP combines engineering simplicity, footprint and operational savings, and superior reliability for improved performance in today’s demanding drilling environments.

The EVO BOP design achieves a shorter, lighter footprint than the TL BOP, requiring fewer accumulator bottles without compromising power. Its field-proven packers, seals and seal carriers, removable side ram, and hydraulically opening bonnets offer reliability and ease of maintenance. It utilizes patented technologies, including the ROV-operable EVO-Loc BOP locking system and bi-directional sealing ram to help reduce downtime.


  • Application: Offshore (subsea and surface) and onshore
  • Bore Sizes and Working Pressures: 18-3/4” 15,000 and 20,000 psi 
  • Body Styles: Single, double, triple
  • Pressure-Energized Rams: Yes
  • Lock Type(s): Hydraulic; EVO-Loc system and motors
  • Bonnet Studs Instead of Bolts: Yes
  • Available Bonnets: EVO 300 bonnet assembly with available ShearBooster technology for increased shearing and sealing capability; BroadShear ram bonnets available for greater shearing capability
  • Field-Replaceable Items: Bonnet cylinders, pistons, seals
  • Manufactured in accordance with NACE and capable of being monogrammed to API 16A