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The LINCO TA-1000 Plus temperature averager supports the determination of the temperature-corrected net volume of crude oil from a flowmeter and other inputs. The TA-1000 Plus averager now offers the ability to average other values, including pressure and water content. This information is then used in external calculations to determine net oil. In addition, the averager can compute in real time the net volume, thereby also making it a simple alternative to a flow computer.


  • Single or dual flow line models
  • Certified for use in hazardous locations
  • Self-calibrating thermistor temperature inputs
  • Modbus communications
  • AC or DC input power


Inputs and Outputs
Direct temperature inputs One or two
Pulse inputs One or two
Analog inputs Two
Pulse output One
Status or pulse outputs Two
Analog outputs Two

Information available for display and output

  • Temperature (current, average, and alarm)
  • Pulse input count
  • Counts per hour
  • BS&W (current, average, and alarm)
  • Pressure (current, average, and alarm)
  • Other (current, average, alarm)
  • Volume correction factor
  • Net volume