Dependable pressure protection for downstream systems

Our High-Integrity Pressure Protection System (HIPPS) is an independently instrumented system designed with higher integrity than process shutdown and emergency shutdown systems. Suitable for onshore and offshore installations requiring high integrity pressure protection of downstream systems, HIPPS is used to prevent a system from exceeding its rated pressure level. The Cameron SIL3-certified HIPPS incorporates our field-proven FLS gate valves and MH series hydraulic actuators combined with controls. A HIPPS system is considered  as the barrier between the high pressure section of an installation or production facility

Protect against overpressure through functionality

The Cameron HIPPS protects against overpressure by reliably isolating the source of overpressure, reducing the plant’s risk profile. The safety loop consists of one or more initiators, a logic solver, and final elements. In addition to providing a complete system to meet safety integrity requirements, we incorporate functionality to ensure the safety device is ready and able to function when called upon.

Monitor the system and determine system health

We incorporate system status feedback and condition-based monitoring feedback, allowing the operator to remotely monitor the system, and during routine proof testing, to conduct a system health check against pre-determined criteria. This allows the operator to reduce operation expense with less human intervention.