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Cameron’s team excels in the design, layout, programming, and commissioning of PLC and SCADA systems. Our experience ranges from simple logic and telemetry for a surface wellhead control to complete integrated controls and safety systems (ICSS) for offshore platforms.

Specializing in the secure integration of PLC control systems into existing facility infrastructure, our skilled global workforce of technicians and engineers ensures a quality job, on time and on budget. We can help in the conceptual design of your system to determine security and safety requirements. Our experts also can assist in the selection of communications, redundancy, SIL rating, processor variety, and more. With our proven, diverse controls experience, you can trust Cameron’s team to bring the best to your project.


  • Focus on PLC/RTU-based controls and logic systems
  • Experts in industrial communications protocols: Modbus, Fieldbus™, Profibus, OPC, and related communications backbones of serial, Ethernet, and fiber optics
  • Safety-instrumented and SIL design and system integration
  • Simple-to-use, logical HMI screens and flow diagrams
  • Standard, robust designs or redundant packages for increased security

Scope of Experience

  • ICSS on Offshore Platforms
  • ICSS in Onshore Gas Plants
  • Compressor Control Stations
  • LNG Terminal Facilities
  • Wellsite SCADA/Telemetry
  • Separator and Dehydrator Controls
  • Burner Management Controls
  • Safety-Instrumented Systems
  • Pump Control Packages
  • Chemical, CO2, and Water-Injection Controls
  • Tank Gauging and Loading Controls

PLC, SIS, and SCADA Devices

  • Allen-Bradley
  • GE Fanuc
  • Siemens
  • BB Systems
  • Yokogawa
  • Mitsubishi
  • Invensys
  • Modicon
  • Moore
  • MTL
  • SCADAPack
  • Honeywell

HMI Software

  • RSView
  • Wonderware
  • GE Cimplicity
  • Experion
  • Factory PMI
  • Factory SQL