Modernization Efforts Require Proactive Engineering

Brownfields come with unique challenges. Unlike greenfields, brownfields can be characterized by a complex set of interdependencies between aging and new technologies. These fields also exhibit more environmental and safety challenges. Cost implications are another part of the brownfield scenario as original technology – from the time when the fields were in full production decades ago – remains in place. These technologies are often outdated and unable to maximize reservoir performance. If the field had previous operators, data availability can also be an issue.

In an effort to enhance post-peak production and maximize resource recovery, brownfield operators are tasked with extending platform life while ensuring well integrity and meeting stringent industry standards. These redevelopment operators are looking to refurbish older platforms in mature reservoirs and are considering all aspects of upgrades, including interfacing older technology with new product developments and installing all-new systems. Well integrity is deemed critical.

Cameron’s design and technological solutions can enable operators to seamlessly incorporate upgrades within existing facilities with minimum disruption to ongoing operations.

Our services include:

» Technology upgrades such as replacement of older systems with next generation wellheads and trees

» Program of planned and efficiently managed well maintenance with asset management system

» Performance optimization services

Workover technologies developed for one area may not be suitable for another. Operators must be willing to try new techniques and upgrade systems, weighing potential benefits. For example, replacing older systems with next generation wellheads and trees can reduce wellhead penetrations and, therefore, leak paths.

A clear focus on engineering is needed for quality and reliability, and for interfacing older technology with new product developments. Cameron’s design reviews take place in close collaboration with the customer. Fine detail is provided through a process involving material selection and approval, design validation, and an all-aspects review. The criticality of components and contingencies also is identified.

Prized benefits of careful engineering include:

» More efficient production

» Increased asset life

» Increased recovery rate

» Increased safety

» Decreased rig downtime