New-generation CFU that enhances produced water treatment efficiency in a 50% smaller footprint
Optimized produced water treatment solutions that feature increased capacity and performance in a reduced footprint have become necessary to adhere to admissible disposal regulations while maintaining desired oil production.

Improved oil-in-water removal with 50% greater efficiency
The EPCON Dual compact flotation unit (CFU) introduces an engineered internal design that incorporates residual flotation gas in a secondary separation stage, increasing oil-in-water (OIW) removal efficiency while fully degassing the clean water outlet. The compact, simplified system achieves optimal water treatment in half the footprint of conventional technologies and with no moving parts, saving rig space and streamlining operations.

Optimal secondary separation
Computational fluid dynamics simulation, onshore pilot testing, and offshore verification results were integrated to design the EPCON Dual CFU. A successful field trial was performed on a Statoil installation in the Norwegian sector of the North Sea. Posttreatment outlet oil concentration measured was10 ppm, down from more than 25 ppm before treatment. The results also verified 27% better separation rates compared with conventional technologies.

Advantages over conventional systems

  • Significantly improved oil removal and degassing in 50% smaller footprint
  • Compliant overboard disposal of treated water, eliminating the need for bulk storage and transportation to onshore disposal facilities
  • Minimized environmental impact
  • Robust construction and long operating life