Cameron offers superior support for in-house and third-party produced water treatment and sand management equipment at all stages of the technology’s life.

Aftermarket and spare parts

We supply spare like-for-like hydrocyclone liners and seal kits for deoiling hydrocyclone systems, including those that are obsolete. CYCLOTECH B Series deoiling hydrocyclone technologies can be adapted to fit most third-party deoiling hydrocyclone systems without requiring any modification to the existing vessel. B Series technologies offer multiple advantages over conventional technologies, including

  • equivalent or better separation performance
  • equivalent or better hydraulic capacity
  • equivalent or better wear-resistant material options
  • improved cost-effectiveness.

Retrofitting and debottlenecking

Retrofitting Cameron deoiling hydrocyclones into existing infrastructure offers cost, delivery, production downtime, and integration benefits compared with replacing the entire system. Cameron can retrofit desanding hydrocyclone technologies into third-party systems to increase both the vessel capacity and the separation performance.