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Designed for dependable, heavy-duty performance in abrasive service conditions, Cameron DEMCO valves include DM 5,000-psi gate valves, which are commonly selected for

  • pump-manifold block valves
  • high-pressure mud mixing lines
  • standpipe manifolds
  • high-pressure drilling system block valves
  • wellheads
  • well treating and fracturing service
  • production manifolds
  • production gathering systems
  • production flowlines.


DEMCO valves include the DM 5,000-psi gate valve, which is offered in two basic pressure classes: 

  • The ANSI series valves conform to the standard flange dimension and pressure requirements for ANSI Classes 400, 600, 900, and 1500. Except for the 4-in Class 1500 valve, these valves are designed with economical double-acting threaded stem and gate. The 4-in Class 1500 valve uses the same rising stem design as in the 4-in 3000 API series valve. 
  • The API series valves conform to the standard flange and pressure requirements for API Classes 2000, 3000, and 5000. Except for the 4-in and larger API 5000 valve, these valves are designed with heavy-duty, double-acting rising stems. 

Both series are offered with threaded, weld, and flanged end connections. End connection availability varies by size and pressure based on market requirements. Some sizes in the ANSI series are offered with grooved end connections.