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The through-conduit, cast-body GROVE G12 gate valve is fully compliant with API Specification 6D. This series is particularly well suited for projects requiring special materials and trims. The top-entry construction enables easy maintenance in a wide range of applications, such as in oil and gas pipeline main valves, manifolds, station valves, pig launcher traps, and ESD. The traditional field of application is in oil and gas transmission and distribution, both onshore and offshore.


Standard features
  • Bidirectionality
  • Stem seals: self-energized nonrolling lip seals
  • No side load and friction drag on the stem low-operating thrust
  • Stem protector and gate position indicator
  • Through-conduit, self-cleaning, floating slab gate
  • Self-relieving floating seat that is always in contact with the gate
  • Protected O-ring primary seal, metal-to-metal secondary seal
  • Block-and-bleed and double block-and-bleed design
  • Upper stem-seal gasket replaceable with pressure inline
  • Top-entry body for inline maintenance
Optional features
  • Built-in sealant injection system for emergency sealing
  • Reverse-acting gate
  • Graphite packing fire-safe sealing
  • Outside screw and yoke bonnet design
  • Back seat
  • Metal-to-metal sealing with tungsten carbide coating on seats and gate
  • Seat skirts for dirty fluid application
  • Seats with plastic insert
  • Seats with double-piston-effect design to have triple barrier from upstream side to downstream side of the valve