Critical applications require reliable, high-performing equipment to meet customer needs. Longer life span and a small, lightweight footprint are just as important to maintaining high efficiency and lowering total cost of ownership.

GROVE IST integrated seat technology ball valve meets and exceeds these requirements by offering an evolution of trunnion-mounted ball valve technology. Its patented seat design offers superior sealing performance in a smaller footprint compared with conventional technology.

Consistent superior sealing performance
Industry standards require conventional metal-seated ball valves to achieve ISO-5208 Rate D during pressure testing. The GROVE IST ball valve is capable to achieve up to ISO 5208 Rate A with no visible leakage—a hundredfold improvement over industry standards. Our valve also includes a patented flow-diversion spoiler that protects the primary sealing elements from flow.

Weight savings
The GROVE IST ball valve weighs up to 40% less compared with conventional valves and requires up to 70% less torque, depending on valve size and pressure class. This provides a significant advantage in actuation sizing, resulting in a smaller and lighter package for automated valves. Lower torque also equates to less wear on moving components, which benefits overall service life.

Simple and reduced maintenance
Routine maintenance and replacement of GROVE IST ball valve internals are simple and streamlined, reducing overall facility downtime for the operator.