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Our cast-steel NEWCO gate, globe, and check valves exceed all industry performance requirements and are ideal for the downstream market. The gates, globes, and checks all offer raised-flange, ring-type joint, and butt-weld ends as connection options.


  Cast-Steel Gate Valves
Cast-Steel Globe Valves
Cast-Steel Check Valves
Sizes, in [mm]
2 to 60 [50 to 1,500]
2 to 24 [50 to 600]
2 to 36 [50 to 900]
Class 150 to 2500
150 to 2500
150 to 1500
Design API 600
API 600
API 600
Ends Raised face (RF), ring-type joint (RTJ),
or butt weld (BW)
RF, RTJ, or BW
RF, RTJ, or BW
Style Flex wedge, parallel slide
Precision guide
Swing and tilting disc
Materials Wrought carbon (WCG), low-temperature
wrought carbon (LCC), or alloy grades
WCB, LCC, or alloy grades
WCB, LCC, or alloy grades