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Cameron pressure-seal NEWCO valves are ideal for standard and critical power-industry applications. The pressure-seal bonnet joint eliminates the body-bonnet flanges, reducing weight and simplifying the application of exterior insulation. In contrast with bolted bonnet valves, internal pressure applied to a pressure-seal valve forces the sealing elements into tighter contact; the higher the internal pressure, the tighter the seal. 

Pressure-seal NEWCO valves comply with the design and test requirements of ANSI Spec. B16.34 and the installation dimensions of ANSI B16.10.


Specifications for Gate, Y-Pattern Globe, Globe, and Tilt-Disc Check Valves
Sizes, in [mm]
2 to 36 [50 to 900]
Class 600 to 4500
Design ANSI B16.34
  • Raised face
  • Ring-type joint
  • Butt weld
Materials All grades