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The Cameron selection of TBV valves includes the Series 2100 three-piece cryogenic ball valve, which is designed for temperatures from refrigeration to cryogenic range. This valve was fabricated from our Series 1100 three-piece threaded ball valve. With the cryogenic extension, the three-piece valve can be used for air separation, gas transportation, liquefaction, chilling, freeze drying, high-purity gas, and inerting.


Standard features
  • Fire tested to API 607
  • All the benefits of the Series 1100 three-piece design
  • Frequently and successfully subjected to witness testing
  • Multiple methods for cavity pressure relief (vital for cryogenic applications)
  • Blowout-resistant stem
  • Floating stem seal design to tolerate different rates of thermal contraction and expansion
  • Ability to consistently seal at cryogenic temperatures
  • Multiple seat materials available to accomplish seal (including metal seats) at cold temperatures