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Cameron's Valve Academy is the learning center to answer your questions and engage your interests. Our articles are designed to help expand your knowledge about valves and the markets in which they play. The Valve Academy was created for all knowledge levels, ranging from beginner to valve expert.

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Ball Valve
How does it work: Ball Valves Ball valves are known for reliable, bubble-tight sealing. Thus, they are a great choice for gas applications where tight shutoff is necessary.
Pressure Loss
How does it work: Pressure Loss Pressure loss, also known as pressure drop, is the decrease in pressure as measured between two points in a flowing fluid system.
Switching Valve
How does it work: Switching Valves Selection of the proper valve type for use as a molecular sieve switching valve is the first step to success in an optimally operating system.


GROVE B5 Side-entry Ball Valve: Double Block-and-bleed (DBB) Compared to Double Isolation-and-bleed (DIB) Double block and bleed vs. double isolation and bleed animation
DEMCO Series DT and DB Gate Valves: Operation demco series dt db gate valve animation
DEMCO DM 7500-psi Gate Valve: Disassembly and Reassembly for Major Repair DEMCO DM 7500-psi Gate Valve: Disassembly and Reassembly for Major Repair
DEMCO DM 5000-psi Gate Valve DEMCO Model DM Gate Valve Major Repair: Disassembly and Reassembly
T31 Fully welded Ball Valve cameron-t31-operation
DEMCO NE-C Butterfly Valve: Operation demco ne-c butterfly valve animation
ENTECH DRV-BN Nozzle Check Valve entech-drv-bn-nozzle-check-valve-animation
GENERAL VALVE Four-way Diverter Valve general-valve-four-way-diverter-valve-animation
GROVE B5 Side-entry Ball Valve Grove B5 Side Entry Ball Valve Animation