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Cameron DYNATORQUE valve accessories include mechanical ground position indicators used to visually indicate the position of a buried or otherwise hidden valve. For example, when a valve and gear are installed in a buried service application, it may be difficult (or impossible) to know if the valve is open or closed.

  • 30,000-plus turn capability
  • Ground-level window indicates valve open or closed in bold red lettering
  • Optional limit switches indicate valve position to operator in a remote location
  • Sealed version offered (GPI-S series)
  • Optional 2-in (AWWA) square operating nuts, extension stems, and couplings

This product is not applicable for rising stem valves or for valves with extension stem requirements in excess of 1.250-in diameter and does not include valve box or valve box cover. Materials indicator base plates are cast aluminum; traveling nut shafts, input shafts, and indicator arrows are brass. Input drive gears and traveling nuts are Delrin. Change gears are brass (bevel gears for 58 turns and below) or brass and steel (worm gear sets all turns 59 and above). Window is Lexan. Main shaft bushings are sintered bronze, and all other bushings are nylon. Sealed indicators include aluminum housing enclosure, carbon steel shafts and snap rings, and Buna-N seals.


  • 2-in AWWA nuts
  • Extension stems (1.250-in-diameter stock, 72-in increments, with 2-in square socket)
  • Extension stem couplings to GPI-S series shaft


Nonsealed GPI Series
Sealed GPI-S Series
Model  Weight,
Turn Range Model Weight,
Turn Range
GPI 19  11 1–19  GPI-S19  24  1–19 
GPI 38  11 20–38  GPI-S38  24  20–38
GPI 58  11 39–58  GPI-S58
24  39–58
GPI 98  11 59–98  GPI-S98
24  59–98
GPI 148  11
99–148  GPI-S148
24  99–148
GPI 198  11
149–198  GPI-S198
24  149–198 
GPI 298
199–298  GPI-S298
24  199–298 
GPI 398  11
299–398  GPI-S398
24 299–398
GPI 498  11
399–498  GPI-S498
24  399–498 
GPI 598  11
499–598  GPI-S598
24  499–598
GPI 938  11
599–938  GPI-S938
24  599–938

Position indicators up to 30,000 turns available in either GPI or GPI-S series.