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Standard features

  • Torque ranges up to 295,024 ft.lbf [400,000 N.m]
  • Highly efficient, double-enveloping 4140 high-temperature alloy worm, bronze alloy gear set
  • Active and passive pressure-compensation systems up to 8,202 ft [2,500 m]
  • Hyperbaric tested up to 3,937 ft [1,200 m]
  • ROV buckets (horizontal and vertical), panels, indicators, hot stab, and flushing
  • Manual operators, tethered handwheels, and tactile position indicators
  • Check valve lock open, special materials, and other custom solutions
  • Reduced turns to close by up to 75%
  • Reduced rim pull by up to 75%
  • Increased load and life capacity with double-enveloping worm gear technology that significantly increases tooth contact
  • Greater torque capability in smaller packages
  • Direct mount for reduced head height
  • Smaller actuation and gear packages due to increased efficiency