Technical Papers

Welcome to our technical paper archive. Cameron and OneSubsea technical papers reside on the Schlumberger website and can be accessed via the links below. To download the pdfs free of charge, follow the link to subscribe to our Premium Content. Please review the Technical Paper Download Terms & Conditions prior to accessing the papers.

Date  Title Society 
Oct 2015 2-Prong Approach for Improved Operating Range of Electrostatic Crude Oil Treaters OTC
Oct 2015 Using a Unified Controls System for Subsea Production and Pump Controls OTC
May 2015 Benchmarking and Dynamic Simulation of Direct Electrical Heating (DEH) Operations in a Subsea Flowline OTC
May 2015 Dynamic Simulation of Integrated Pipeline and Process Models to Investigate Slug Flow Impact on Subsea Compact Separation OTC
Apr 2015 Successful Installation of Multistage Choke Valve Technology in Water Flowlines to Reduce High Pressure Drop Across Choke Valves SPE
Mar 2015 Scale Deposition Control and Management in Subsea Fields NACE
Dec 2014 Subsea Business: Fiscal Allocation, a New Endeavour for a Better Wet Gas and Multiphase Measurement IPTC
Dec 2014 Representative Subsea Sampling—A Key Enabler for Flow Assurance and Better Metering Uncertainty IPTC
Oct 2014 An Innovative Solution to Accurately Address Water Detection in Subsea Wet Gas Conditions and Provide Accurate Condensate Gas Ratio (CGR) SPE
Aug 2014 Developing Reliability in Hydraulic Stimulation Operations SPE
May 2014 Advances in Power Feedthrough Connector Technology for HP ESP Applications OTC
May 2014 Offshore Tandem Loading of LNG—from Idea to System Approval OTC
May 2014 Design Method and LRFD for HPHT Subsea Equipment for Extreme and Survival Load Conditions OTC
May 2014 Operation of Subsea Electrical Power Systems OTC
Mar 2014 Compact and Lightweight Equipment for Floating Production Systems OTC
Mar 2014 Innovative Liquid Detection Sensors for Wet Gas Subsea Business to Improve Gas-Condensate Flow Rate Measurement and Flow Assurance Issue OTC
Mar 2014 The Future of Electric Controls—Trees and Subsea Processing OTC
Mar 2014 How to Increase Recovery of Hydrocarbons Utilizing Subsea Processing Technology OTC
Oct 2013 Compact Electrostatic Treaters for Floating Offshore Production Facilities OTC
Oct 2013 Improved Desalting of Challenging Crude Slates SPE
Oct 2013 Wet Gas Performance of a Low Energy Gamma Ray Multiphase Meter OTC
Oct 2013 Subsea High Boost Multiphase Pump System Development and Applications OTC
Oct 2013 A New Environmental Lubricant Supports Key Subsea Boosting and Compression Technology OTC
Sep 2013 Jackup Drilling on Conventional Subsea Wellheads SPE
Jul 2013 Electrostatic Dehydration of Heavy Oil from Polymer Flood with Partially Hydrolyzed Polyacrylamide SPE
Jun 2013 Brownfield HAZOP/PHA Application for Residual Risk Removal Creating a Safer Future from Current Studies ISOPE
Jun 2013 Effective Dehydration of Canadian Heavy Crude Oil and Dilbit SPE
May 2013 Design Method Combining API and ASME Codes for Subsea Equipment for HPHT Conditions up to 25,000-psi Pressure and 400-degF Temperature SPE
Mar 2013 Improved Dehydration and Desalting of Mature Crude Oil Fields SPE
Mar 2013 Stress Corrosion Cracking Evolution of Low-Alloy Downhole Tubular Steel in CO2 Containing Environment at 175 degC NACE
Mar 2013 Corrosion Rate Measurement of a Downhole Tubular Steel at Different CO2 Partial Pressures and Temperatures and Calculation of the Activation Energy of the Corrosion Process NACE