Drilling Systems

Technologies and services for land rigs, jackups, and floaters that enable the drilling of exploratory and developmental wells with greater efficiency and less overall cost and risk.

drill floor equipment cta

Unconventional Completions

Fluid control and monitoring technologies—from wellheads to flowback and well testing—for unconventional completion operations on single wells or multiwell pads.

Flowback and Well Testing


Cameron and OneSubsea provide subsea technologies and services for operators worldwide. 


Technologies to recover and store hydrocarbons, manage water quality, control and enhance asset performance, maintain well equipment, and monitor produced streams.

Pipeline, Transmission and Storage

Technologies designed to safely and efficiently transport and store crude oil, refined liquids products, and natural gas.


Technologies designed to direct, control, and measure the flow of product in industrial applications including aviation fueling, mining, HVAC, fossil fuel power, geothermal power water/waste water, and marine.
Industrial Application Valves - CTA

Valve and Valve Automation Index

Valve and valve automation technologies designed to safely and efficiently direct or control the flow of fluid in various oil and gas applications